Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tips for Young Entrepreneur

1.Don’t be Afraid to ask for Help Entrepreneurs are typically positive and optimistic by nature. Young entrepreneurs have a lot of confidence, in particular. That can be awesome, but it can also be damaging. The road to success is paved not just with mistakes, but “with mistakes well handled.” How can you handle those mistakes well if you have no clue what you’re doing ? Sometimes it’s intuition, sometimes it’s luck, but usually it’s solid advice that gets you through. If a person truly wants to help you out, then you should consider sharing your most challenging issues. The key, always, is genuinely meaning it. Create true relationships and ask for help. It makes the right kind of difference. 2.Establish a Meaningful Online Presence The first thing people will do is Google your name. And what they should see is an expansive, thoughtful presence that shows you understand, use, and make the most of the web. If you don’t have a blog, start one and write regularly. Remember that Google is your ultimate homepage. Fill it with your social media accounts, get the right coverage and links. You'll find that your insights and communication will be judged the same way, regardless of your age. 3.Give Real Value Back to the Community What you get out of a community is almost always less important than what you put into it. And youth is definitely no excuse for not getting involved and not creating real value for others. "Becoming an expert on a subject has nothing to do with age. “The easiest way to get there is to create... whether you blog, speak or host events, share your ideas and vision with others.” 4.Make an Impact at Events for Your Industry Make sure to select events that will be chock-full of people who care about the industry you’re in and the problem you’re trying to solve. Make friends at the social events, after-parties, and networking sessions. You don't have to collect business cards, but aim to create at least two solid relationships each day. Another option is to create your own event. 5.Don't Take Yourself too Seriously It’s one thing to be a young entrepreneur. It’s another to pretend you’re not. If your blog posts are too serious, your Facebook comments too well structured, and your Twitter bio too professional, you’re over thinking it. Have some fun. Joke with other people in your space. Share hilarious videos. Write a blog post with a section on technical disruption of the middle ages. 6.Build Something that Deserves Recognition No matter how many people you ask for help, how thorough your online persona is, or how much value you create for the community, if what you’re building isn’t worth the recognition, you’re out of luck. “Respect is born out of track record and accomplishment, not age, profession, or title. Ultimately that thing you're working on, that thing you keep talking about, that thing that has grown to define you has to be good — preferably great. If related goals come at the expense of building something less awesome then you’re doing it wrong. "To earn respect, regardless of age, you simply need to hustle and crush

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