Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Customers Service

Business Tips : Customers Service ..... The secret to a loyal customer base is no secret at all.... Great customer service will bring them back every time..... Whether it’s a bored demeanor, a dismissive look or just plain rude behavior, sloppy customer service spells disaster faster than just about any other business transgression. Bad customer service is no joke. It can kill your reputation and devastate your bottom line............ We live in an age where a business can thrive or die based on how it understands and approaches customer engagement........... Here are the key components for providing outstanding customer service, and you need to score high marks in every one of them............ 1.A Quality Product or Service..... Do you want to buy or be served junk? No, you don’t, so why do that to the customers who provide your livelihood? The best way to reduce customer complaints is to provide high-quality products and services........... 2.Stellar Service......... No one will care how good your products are if you do a poor job delivering them. Customers appreciate care and attention, and they tend to resent it—vocally—if it’s not in evidence. They also vote with their feet.......... 3.Time is Not on Your Side........ Consumers are not a patient lot, and the digital age hasn’t improved things one bit. On the contrary, customers weaned on the Internet won’t wait around for you to get your act together. Expectations of what is timely are really changing. If you can’t deliver what customers want when they want it, they’ll move on rather than waste their time.......... 4.Be Prepared for Things to Go Wrong.......... Have a process in place to deal with issues before they arise. Fuss over customers like a mother would over a beloved family member. Why? Because when you genuinely—and that’s the key word here—fuss over a distraught customer, he or she will tend to self-diffuse, and then resolving the issue becomes much easier.