Thursday, October 2, 2008


Cold calling is just like an extreme sport for some marketing people.

There is a classic case of a person, which he manage to open 100 new accounts in the first quarter of the year and make 200 calls a day when he does …. "nothing but get on the phone."

Do You Have Any Tips on Developing Cold-Calling Skills ?

Expert suggestions:
1.Warm up prospects with an inexpensive promotional item.
2.Ask for an appointment at a certain time – timing is everything
3.Do your homework on the person you are calling before you pick up the phone.
4.Make the appointment once you've got a match

You've done your research, you've timed the call, the phone is ringing -- and you get voice mail. Don't fret: The right message can get your call returned.

Let's face it -- cold calls are hard.

However, if you keep on doing it … the right way

At the end of the day, you will find a solution to overcome and mastered it.

All what you need is …. patient, courage and time.

Keep trying and soon, through experience ….

Success will be with you.