Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Every minute you're around other human beings is a chance to network.

So no matter what the occasion, whether you're at the yoga studio, your child's soccer game or at a religious event, networking is possible.

Start as friends
Start talking and introduced yourself. After a while you may find that both of you might share the same interest about something or shared a lot of the same value systems or shared a common passion for something.

Then developed a trust and friendship, something that's often omitted at formal networking events.

Maybe the best contact , might have been with the person sitting in the seat next to you.

Think about it--if you're on a business trip, chances are that most of the other people on the plane are probably going to be business travelers as well.

You might think you're getting on that plane to fly to a conference , but maybe at the conference you're not going to meet anybody who's really going to help you. Maybe that person who's going to help you is sitting right next to you on the plane.

A good way to start a conversation on the plane is to ask where someone's going and where he's from. Then, before you talk about yourself and your business, find out his interests and pain points. These conversations create the trust and sincerity that form a strong networking relationship. The bottom line, is simply to take the initiative and talk.

We're all brought up to believe back in the day to never talk to strangers., yet talking to strangers is just about the best networking tip you could have."

Limit your networking activities to networking events and the only thing you'll accomplish is to limit your networking activities. Entrepreneurs don't want to be pushy with their networking attempts, but good things will happen to those who start conversations, listen to other business people and keep their wits about them--even when the oxygen is thin.

How to do it

It's not always easy to strike up conversations with strangers.

Select your flight neighbor.
If you have a choice in seating, boarding the flight late and scanning the passengers. Choose to sit next to someone who's dressed in a suit and reading a book, presumably a businessperson who's not buried in his or laptop or hovering over a report.

Greet your fellow passenger on first sight
Otherwise it makes the conversation "awkward if you haven't acknowledged each other's presence from the outset."

Start a conversation
By either commenting on the airline service or complimenting something the person is wearing, such as a piece of jewelry or a pin. Ask the story behind it. The word 'story' is important to use because it has certain associations with the human psyche.

Ask questions, and mirror her actions and facial expressions.
Even synchronizing your voice--copying the tone, volume and speed--will help you build rapport with your flight neighbor. People like people who are like them, and behaving similarly is the best way to achieve this.

Art of Mastering Conversation
Make that person feel like the most interesting person you've ever met. Not only is this easy to do since it takes the focus off yourself, but also it prolongs the conversation so you can build a quick and easy rapport. Keep the spotlight on them for as long as possible. It's the one subject most people find the most fascinating of all."

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