Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A good salesperson does research on companies, a great salesperson does research on people.

It’s just like a one-page synopsis on the person with all kinds of information :
His hobbies,
His family,
His most remarkable achievements,
What he's most passionate about.
What about his favorite charity?
What college he went to?
How many kids?

The only criterion for what should be included is that it reflects something about the person as a human being.

Even stuff about the person's company has to be something that affects him personally, in his daily life.

These are the things that matter to him. And trust me, even the most giving, humble people naturally care, above and beyond anything else, about what it is they do.

If you can show that you care, too, and have understanding or even a way to help, you'll feel the appreciation radiate from them and cover you.

The purpose of all this research is to find a point of common ground that is deeper and richer than what can be discovered in a serendipitous encounter.


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