Sunday, June 10, 2007


By using professional selling skill as a life insurance agent you will find insurance selling will be easier.

Make a list
Make a list of prospects. Start with your close relatives, their relations, your friends, their friends, your neighbors, their links, your vendors and all those who can ever be thought of.

Informing them all
Start informing them all about your profession and asking them to come to you at any point of need.

Serving them with a smile
Solve their problems related to their previous insurance policies viz. revival, change in nomination, change in address, loan against policy or even premium paying.

Analyzing their need
Analyze their need of insurance. Whether they need for saving or tax planning or any other requirement.

Telling them their need
They may not be aware of their needs. People buy what they need and not simply what they want. Work over their information e.g. income, age, family tree, aims, priorities etc.

Suggesting solutions
After knowing their needs and discussing with them, offer them a best solution i.e. the plan of insurance. Never try to oversell. Built your goodwill and reputation.

Serving up to satisfaction level
Filling the gap between their expectations and their satisfactions. Give your advice honestly. By doing this you will create good reputation with your customers. Thus establish goodwill with them in long run.

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