Saturday, June 30, 2007


You can survive failure
You can survive a failure, even many failures. But if you consistently work hard, you'll hit your goals, your success and dreams. And in a world in which most people go after what they want, you too can get what you want. Don’t be scared of failure. Face it. Be brave and you are at the winning side.

Picture the benefits
How would your life be better if you work hard for it and got what you want? Keep a tangible list or picture of those benefits in front of you for motivation that burns your spirit of success.

Learn from failure
Face with your failures. Evaluate, study and look for clues of why you fail. After each failure, try to get feedback to improve it. Maybe you are in the right direction, but you dealt the situation the wrong way. To achieve success, try to improve your management style or whatsoever that can lead you to the right direction.

Don't punish yourself
Even deeply flawed people deserve a good life. Ask for what you want, if not for yourself, for those who will benefit from your better life. And if depression is holding you back, get help. Calm yourself. Take a deep breath and be strong.

Set small daily goals
Good things happen to those who act. Set a goal for yourself. Streamline you plans. Set short-term goals. By achieving these short-term goals meaning that you are in the correct direction for your long-term goals.

Ask yourself what you really want and listen to your heart
Build your own psychologically self -defense. Let's say you think, "I want to be a successful businessman”. Keep this in your mind. Imagine that you are already becoming a successful businessman. This message will be triggered into your brain cells. Which will enhance the way you act, work and think.

Remind yourself of a time you were successful
The feeling of success is so sweet and full of satisfaction. That may give you the confidence to try again and again and again to achieve it.

Tell your loved ones of your dreams
You'll feel more comfortable and inspired. By their moral support, this will energizes you more.

Schedule a time to re-evaluate your plans
Put it in your planner or PDA. This will remind you of your progress.

Force yourself to work hard for the success
Feel the joy of success. Read books about successful people. Find tips of how they achieve their success. Be friend with successful people. Mixed around with successful people. Fear of failure is your utmost enemy. If you are facing problems, take a few deep breaths and don’t shy to ask people for guidance. Find a successful person as an idol for you.


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