Friday, May 11, 2007


Just by using internet through blogs, a person are able to create a steady 5 figures income. For most people, maybe blogging is a hobby, not a job. But for smart people , marketing can also be done without even leaving home , smartly dressed to meet clients with briefcase in hand, like most marketers. Yes, this is true. You can earns an income solely through the Internet. No joke. This is what happened to Mr A.
It started off in 2003 as a hobby for the technology enthusiast, then working as an internal auditor. His first website offered free downloands of software allowing Windows-run computers to have a Apple Macintosh interface. Both are rival operating systems. "After a while, his friend suggested that he put up advertisements there. He signed up with Google Adsense and his first US$100 (RM350) cheque came six months later. As he devoted more time online, traffic to his website soared — and so did his income.
By 2005, while earning about RM2,000 from his day job, he was already chalking up between RM7,000 and RM8,000 in advertising fees from his stable of websites and blogs. In August that year, he took the drastic decision of quitting his job to focus on his online ventures. Now, he owns more than 15 websites and earns a five-figure income. Some of the websites are on gadgets like handphones and digital cameras. He hires bloggers from countries like the United States, New Zealand and Ecuador.
He bears the costs of running the websites and shares the profits with his partners. All his marketing (to get companies to advertise) is done online. His top revenue earners are directory websites where companies pay to get listed, and are then ranked higher in search engine results.
His number two money-earner is his first website , the one which got him hooked into online forays in the first place. He claimed that he had been offered up to S$20,000 for the website, but declined the bid for sentimental reasons.
His advice for those who want to follow in his footsteps ?
"When you start, don’t think of making money first. Treat it like a hobby. Be patient and hard working. The rewards are sweet."

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